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just got out of hospital with kidney failure and heart attacks( never had problems with either before) in mid april.I bought the soda stream system, went off my usual diet pepsi ,and had to be rushed to an er 3 times??

I bought this at christmas and this is what I got in return.There is a connection....dont buy this the lives of your children. If I had a good lawyer I would sue them for millions. This is ***. Have sent same notice to consumer affairs about having it banned in the U.S.( I00 words huh I have pretty much said all I can about this product /company) It's Killing me..soon I will be dialysis then a transplant if i am lucky.

I wish I had never bought this piece of ***.That s it no more words purchased at target and bed bath and hospital bills are over 80K..and I am slowly dying ...thanks

Monetary Loss: $82000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.


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