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just got out of hospital with kidney failure and heart attacks( never had problems with either before) in mid april. I bought the soda stream system, went off my usual diet pepsi ,and had to be rushed to an er 3 times??

I bought this at christmas and this is what I got in return.There is a connection....dont buy this the lives of your children. If I had a good lawyer I would sue them for millions. This is ***. Have sent same notice to consumer affairs about having it banned in the U.S.( I00 words huh I have pretty much said all I can about this product /company) It's Killing me..soon I will be dialysis then a transplant if i am lucky.

I wish I had never bought this piece of ***. That s it no more words purchased at target and bed bath and hospital bills are over 80K..and I am slowly dying ...thanks

Monetary Loss: $82000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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